Basada en hechos reales, "One Man´s Hero" relata la vida del soldado John Riley, líder del grupo de soldados que se autonenominó "El Batallón de San Patricio", héroes para México, traidores para EEUU.
"One Man’s Hero" is about faith, loyalty and the courage of conviction. It tells the true story of John Riley (Tom Berenger) and his fellow Catholic Irishmen who, faced with the prospect of warring against a peaceful Catholic nation, turned away from their adopted country and fought against its unjust actions in Mexico. The time was 1846 when, under the guise of Manifest Destiny, the then largely Protestant U.S. Army was sent to the Mexican border to provoke a war. The reason was to gain land, the trade routes of Santa Fe, and make the fledgling United States into a bi///coastal empire. In its way stood Mexico. One Man's Hero will be opening in the following markets on September 24, 1999
Tom Berenger /// Joaquim de Almeida /// Daniela Romo /// Patrick Bergin /// Mark Moses /// Stuart Graham /// Gregg Fitzgerald /// Don Wycherley /// Wolf Muser /// Luke Hayden /// Ilia Volok /// Alberto de Mónaco (cameo)
Una Producción de CONRAD HOLL para ORION PICTURES - MGM /// Silver Lion Films presents a Hool Macdonald production /// a Lance Hool film /// Music by Ernest Troost /// Editor Mark Conte, A.C.E. /// Production Desiger Peter Wooley /// Director of Photography Joao Fernandes /// Co-producer Paul L. Newman /// Produced by Lance Hool, William J. Macdonald, Conrad Hool /// Writen by Milton S. Gelman /// Directed by Lance Hool /// One Man´s Hero (c) 1998 Producciones San Patricio, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Orion Pictures - Metro Goldwyn Mayer "One Man´s Hero" /// A Story of Faith, Devotion and The Fight For Freedom
Título Original One Man´s Hero /// Título en Argentina Héroe sin Patria /// Título en México Héroes o Traidores, El Batallón de San Patricio /// Título en mercado latino Héroes sin Patria /// Género Drama /// Acción Director Lance Holl